Thursday, 31 May 2012

Recommendation Station ☼ May 31st 2012

Things I truly and gratefully recommend...
         1. Laughing at the ironicness of 'The Real Housewives of Vancouver'.
Yes, that terrible show on once every week. By ironicness I mean this one woman who complains, "I AM SO POOR!" Then the week after that. "I'm going out for lunch with Mary, I like to fly my plane into the city so I don't have to bother with driving." She lives about one mile outside of the city! If she's poor, I'm barely scraping by.
         2. Southern Gravy & Biscuits
I have family members from the South (they say y'all and EVERYTHING!) and whenever I see them they make homemade gravy and biscuits. The. Best. Frickin'. Food. EVER!!!
         3. Lobster
When this red-hot dish is served with shell crackers and melted butter, it makes the angel's sing while riding down a rainbow on a unicorn pegasus that can play the piccolo.
         4. The sound of a child's laughter
Peter Griffin got something right when he said this is the greatest gift. Plus, they just have hilarious laughs.
         5. Power 97.5
Who doesn't love rock n' roll?? This is a personal favourite of mine, though it sucks that this station doesn't work out here.


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