Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Louis Vuitton Central! May 8th 2012

If, as a child, I was bought from a store, and being messed up for the rest of my life, I would've been from Louis Vuitton Paris. Though in any universe will I ever see my mother OR my father in such a place. My dad thinks cords are the fashion statement of the century and my mom wears sweatpants religiously.
Since no fashion genes came from either of my parents, I would've had to learn my fashion from the master himself. I'd think that's mainly the reason for my existence and purchase from a store such as LV P*.
Louis Vuitton Paris
Also, his stuff is gorgeous, though very expensive. See! That's perfect, I always see myself drawn to all the expensive items on store shelves, my mom says I use to rob her wallet when I was younger.

Retail: $4,200.00

Louis Vuitton= expensive $$
Kirstin= expensive $$

We're the perfect match.

*- Louis Vuitton Paris

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