Monday, 14 May 2012

GOLF_EXTREMENESS! May 10th/14th 2012

Golf is a boring sport that involves a lot of patience and calmness. I have absolutely none of those characteristics in little ole' me. To repeatedly hit a round, white ball with a club into a hole gets quite boring fast, plus the scenery on the golf course never changes. It's always a lake to your right, a sand dune to your left, and a hole in front of you. BORING! So if golf was reinvented, say, into this extreme ultimate sport with cool scenery and random monkeys everywhere it'd be amazing. I still wouldn't play the sport considering, I am definately not the type to join in sports and actually play them, but it'd calm my nerves to watch golf on the television.
So if golf was mixed in with baseball and the whole object is to get the ball into one of the holes without the team catching it. There will be like 5 holes, the size varies, with different points, BUT you only get the point once you get to home base. So you hit the golf ball into say, the biggest hole (worth 1/2 a point) and you run but you only get to second base, you will NOT get that 1/2 point UNTIL you reach home base.

How's that for Extreme Sports?

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