Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My story that ends in a musical May 2nd 2012

"Listen carefully," he said with a certain steadiness, "This won't be easy for you to hear, but Belicia you lost all probability of ever hearing again." "WHAT?," Belicia spoke loudly, even for a deaf person, her voice booming off the walls. The doctor shook his head sadly and repeated, "You can't hear anything". Belicia looked at him with recognition and said, "Oh, of course, Roger just loves those fancy flying machines with them peanuts everywhere," Belicia said proudly, the doctor looked at her weirdly, but she continued on, "He says, 'Mama, them airplanes are so fun, flying an' such, through them clouds up Hiiiiigh!' and I just say, 'Boy if you ain't seeing God, it ain't worth that funny money.' The Lord is up there watching my boy flying on that death contraption an' he's shaking his head." She looked sad. Wow, the doctor thought, she is a god-fearing woman with just a son to leave. "But," she said loudly, surprising the doctor, "My boy was born an' raised a Christian an' that Lord will save 'im. As long as he says them prayers an' goes to church, which I don't think he's been doin', I love that boy to much to strap 'im, so I guess he's not doin' so good."

She suddenly stood up and rang out, "He ain't doin' so good,"while a bunch of women in Rockette outfits started waltzing into the crowded examining room, singing in sotto voices "He ain't doin' so good". "Oh my boy, Ohhh my boy ain't doin' so good", "No good, No good," followed the women. "He's ain't goin' to church", "No church, Oh no, no, no." the women repeated. "Prays are gone", "Yes gone, oh yes". Roger walked in singing, "Mama, you don't understaaand," while a bunch of firemen walk in singing, "Don't understand". "Boy, I understand too well, Oh yes, you just like your no-good papa." "Just like papa" the women screamed. Roger looked sad and dejected, and left, never to be heard from again.

Belicia Redfern was a religious, Southern woman from Mississippi who died 12 years later at a rock concert in 1969, because she got her hearing back during one of the guitar solos and died from shock.

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