Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Blue Foam May 29th 2012

First off, I'd like to begin by saying, It's my birthday. YAAAAYYY!!!

This story starts in a world many galaxies away, a young leviathan* was roaming the ocean floor, his patience dropping. His mother had gone out to get pepperoni hot pockets TWO DAYS AGO! Now two days later, she still hasn't arrived. Ah! There she is now!
"Mother! I have been starving for days! Where are my frickin' hot pockets!," the prince bellowed, shaking the ocean floor. The mother, queen Tabithia, sighed, "Here, dear." He rummaged through the bag and shrieked, "ARE YOU TRYING TO RUIN MY LIFE???! I SAID PEPPERONI HOT POCKETS!" Queen Tabithia sighed and said in a quiet, shaky voice, "No, dear." She slowly swam away. The prince was enveloped with rage, how dare she not follow my orders? I'm the man! I'm stronger than she is, my cranium is larger, and I am more likely to go to prison, I AM THE MAN!!

Meanwhile, Queen Tabithia was silently sobbing in her room. Her son is a no-good lying b*stard, but she lets him be one. "Well I could..... NO NO," she thought shaking her head, "that'd be insane, but, still...."

She didn't need much prodding when she made up her mind....

"PRINCE IS DEAD!", a newspaper boy shouted," READ ALL ABOUT IT!!"....

As you could guess, the messenger of the prince killed him. Would you like to know how? The answer was blue foam.

* A giant sea creature with glowing eyes and a nasty habit of crushing ships and devouring ocean-going humans. With its enormous body and scaly skin, Leviathan is usually referred to as a giant monstrous fish, but is also commonly described as a serpent, crocodile or marine mammal.

INFO FROM: http://animal.discovery.com/tv/a-list/creature-countdowns/mythical/mythical-07.html

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