Wednesday, 16 May 2012

PaintSplatter-Topia May 16th 2012

Pretty much the point the picture is making is that school is all organized into a schedule and such and life is a bunch of random paint splatters. Showing that school is nothing like life, which I totally agree with, on the academic side anyway, in life everything is unexpected while in school you know that (FOR EXAMPLE) have biology first then gym and after that math. You have no huge surprises flying at your face, or the uncertainity, you have a set life.
But, life, for example, you never know what's going to happen, you could get hit by a truck tommorow, OR you might save someones life (it just has to work. DURACELL. Trusted Everywhere.)

You didn't see that coming did you?
That was just life flying toward you in the face.

I think all the drama that goes on at school (relationships and such), school is close enough to life. Academics are just fine the way they are.

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