Thursday, 19 April 2012

A really late FRIDAY THE 13TH blog, supposed to be done on April 13th

Well, searching my name on Google, I must be very popular. I'm everywhere. I'm in Arizona, University of Winnipeg, Japan, Ontario, and many other places. I also found my blogger, Facebook, and Google.
With the quotations around my, I'm from Olkahoma and I'm...Dutch? What? This is so cool! I EVEN HAVE TWITTER! I didn't even know that. It even says I was born in 1798 in Finland, and my mom's name is Hertz, AND I got married to a guy with the last name of Rumbo. And I'm on Oh... and I found my article for our February Newsletter, that's creepy. It even says I went to the Arborg Collegiate from 2005-2009.
You see, I'd love to search myself some more, but this is just freaky.

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