Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Jennifer Lawrence Kick-A*s Magazines April 11th 2012

3 magazine covers were shown: Seventeen, Glamour, & Rolling Stone. To tell the truth I read two of these, Seventeen and Rolling Stone.
I'd say the 'Seventeen' magazine is targeted towards females in their teens and early twenties, due to the beauty tricks and the BEST JEANS EVER! Who in their thirties (or older) really cares? Nobody I know does. The words to describe her on this cover is, well I can say what she looks like, she looks like she's having fun. She's sort of putting out there, 'Hey! If you do your hair in a (flirty braid, pretty pony, or lush waves), you'll have as much fun as I am having at the moment!'. No offence to any 'Seventeen' readers (me) or the magazine itself, but isn't that like false advertising? What if they do their hair in whatever style you tell them too, and they end up having some horrible life-altering news thrown at her (or him, I'm not judging)?
The cover advertises good time, all bright and colourful, every model is ALWAYS smiling, as the point I made earlier, if you do this you'll instantly:
                            ~ Get a boyfriend
                            ~ Get a life
                            ~ And; Become a model
Now, I have nothing against that much positivity, I think it's great. But, it sort of sets you up for disappointment. I'm not a 'woe-is-me' type of person, but things aren't always about looks. Like they could look like an ABSOLUTE supermodel with a perfect face structure, but then they could be a b*tch and nobody actually likes them, so a guy would be a little out of the question.
'Glamour' is definitely targeted toward fashion-conscious women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Considering the cover has minimal writing and looks a little "mature" or very "couture". Also the fact it describes how to have, and I quote, 'lots more fun in bed'. Jennifer Lawrence looks much older on this cover, I'm guessing it's because the magazine is targeted toward older women, and to please them, "make them feel young", they also need an older woman on the cover. I just want to say, this magazine doesn't really appeal to me, so I don't read it, I cannot tell you THE CONTENT OF THE PAGES, or anything like that.
A magazine based on the rock industry must appeal toward rock-fanatics, mostly in their 20s and 30s, but as a guilty pleasure I must admit, I do read it myself. Jennifer Lawrence, on this cover, expresses sort of a sexuality in her pose, making her look like an older woman, like she is in 'Glamour'. But, I really like the colour scheme, the blues and whites really compliment her skin tone.

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