Thursday, 26 April 2012

The ABSOLUTELY most disgusting thing I have ever consumed April 26, 2012

I'm not quite sure what the most disgusting thing I ever ate was...I usually love whatever food I eat or whatever drink I...well, drink. I don't really have 'UGH! This absolutely terrible, I think I'll retch just thinking about it!' moments, it'd be cool if I could though. Maybe I just have a wide range of likes and a tiny, microscopic range of dislikes (In Food/Drinks anyway).
The most disgusting thing I have ever eaten is (Drumroll Please) (brrrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrb....DUM) Tofu. Yes, Tofu, a weird white plastic vegetable thing. It tastes like burning rubber on a hot Wisconsin day. Never mind the taste, think of the tofu itself, beans crushed up into a slimy white cube, wrapped in tinfoil. (Reh!) Or maybe caviar, baby fish eggs. That sandy feeling in your teeth, even a while after eating it, it's almost like you ate a dead turtle salad, the turtle oozing grey-ish white foam everywhere, but instead of lettuce, it's sand.

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