Monday, 9 April 2012

I AM...the average of them all. April 09 2012

The top 5 people I spend the most time with are(excluding my family, because my household already exceeds the 5 people):
    ~ Nathanael Plett (Riverton, MB)
    ~ Taylor Palsson (Riverton, MB)
    ~ Emma Semchyshyn (Arborg, MB)
    ~ Lauren Airey (Arborg, MB)
    ~ Susan Song (Arborg, MB)
I would say I am close enough to the average of this group of people, I'd personally say Lauren is the most, absolute average, but I'm a severely close second. So in a way Jim Rohn is right, but still he's wrong (I really like saying when people are wrong). The reason I'd say he's both right and wrong is because (suprisingly) these people I hang out with (excluding Lauren) are straight A students with a determined demeanor, I am a straight C/D student with a non-determined demeanor, Lauren is a straight B student. My life is just great.
If the average was done on my family, I am definately the average, right in the middle.

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